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Week 17 – Total Elimination Diet

We went on vacation this week.  Thing #1094 they don’t tell you when you have a baby: vacations with a baby are exhausting!  Thank GOD we went on vacation with my parents, so we had a built in babysitter (which, I admit, we probably abused) so that was a huge blessing.  It was great to get away for a bit and we enjoyed being out at the lake and hiking.

Regarding food – I so didn’t keep track of what I ate at each meal.  It was vacation after all. I maintained my diet to the best of my ability while being outside my natural environment.  Eating out was a challenge because everything is cooked in vegetable oil it seems and you can’t be 100% sure things are safe without checking the ingredient list yourself.  I also reintroduced yeast, mushrooms, coffee (decaf) and hard cider during the week.  I didn’t introduce these things in the typical eat-them-three-days-in-a-row style I’ve been doing.  I usually only had the reintroduced item once or twice during the week.

Besides the reintroduced food, the biggest changes this week were that I branched out in the brands of food I consumed.  For example, up until now I’ve only bought and consumed one brand/type of ham lunch meat.  I bought the type that was “all natural” and had the fewest ingredients. While I was on vacation, other people were purchasing the groceries, so they bought ham deli meat, but a different brand than I’d been used to.  Baby O seemed to do okay with the different brands.

Back to reality next week and looking forward to our next vacation already!


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