Total Elimination Diet

Allergist Appointment Update

Okay, I’m am so done.  They did a 14 panel allergy test on Baby O yesterday.  Since I’ve been on the Total Elimination Diet for 5 weeks they tested the 5 foods I’ve been on plus a few more common allergy foods. All results were negative.  This is not to say that Baby O doesn’t have a sensitivity to any of the foods they tested, but he doesn’t have an allergy to them. This is both a good thing (no allergies!) and a bad thing (still have NO idea what’s going on!).  They’re now going to refer us to a pediatric GI doctor.

The allergist suggested that I start to return foods back to my diet. She recommended adding one new food every 3-5 days and evaluate for any signs of sensitivity.  I will use this chart as a guide to reintroduce foods.  I plan to start at the bottom of the chart (the least allergenic foods) and work my way up choosing from a different column each time I add something new.  I’ll probably steer clear of dairy, soy and legumes while I reintroduce foods as those were things I linked to some of Baby O’s issues before I started the Total Elimination Diet.

This past weekend Baby O has started to show interest in pureed foods so I’m going to start adding those to his diet as well.  Because we’re both going to be adding foods at the same time it’s gonna be a little bit of a challenge to figure out how to do it.  However, once Baby O has had a new food for 3 days I should be able to safely add it to my diet as well.  And if after 3 days there are no signs of sensitivity when I’ve reintroduced a food to my diet, if it’s baby food friendly, I should be able to introduce it to Baby O too.

This is gonna be fun people! Who knew it’s possible to be psyched to eat carrots again?


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