Total Elimination Diet

Total Elimination Diet

After Baby O had blessed us with his presence for about 4 weeks, I noticed he was getting a whole body rash and had blood in his stool.  The doctor recommended I cut out all dairy.  After 2-3 weeks things hadn’t progressed much and after doing some research I decided to cut out soy as well.

Skip ahead to his 6 month appointment.  He was still having intermittent bloody stools and the body rash.  The pediatrician told me I had two choices; I could switch him to formula or try the Total Elimination Diet (TED) in an attempt to figure out what was causing the persistent issues.  Since Baby O flat-out refused to take a bottle, or sippy cup, it was onto the TED.

I did some research on the TED and didn’t find a whole lot out there.  Yes people had done it with success. Yes I knew what I could eat on the TED. However, there wasn’t a lot of detailed information about how people had done it. So that’s what were gonna do first. Talk about my journey on the TED.

I’ll share with you the recipes I’ve found that work and my experiences through the process.  Now, I’m a mom and don’t have a lot of free time.  These posts are gonna be short and sweet.  Expect some sarcasm because it’s my second language and I’ll try to keep the vulgarity to a minimum.

So welcome. Lets get this show on the road.


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